The Artist

William Uz is a national award winning wedding and portrait photographer and is fully dedicated in producing only the very best experience for his clients and travels across the country yearly to national photography conventions and expo's to stay in front of the leading trends in the wedding and portrait industry.

"As a photojournalism & fine art photographer your wedding day story is the upmost importance to us. No two weddings are ever alike cause your's is your own unique fairytale. A wedding album without a story is like Cinderella without her glass slippers. It's the shots within those traditional important shots that most over look or feel there not as important but to me there are and truly the essential pieces of capturing your wedding story completely.

Our number one goal is to capture the emotions and story of your day in every detail and candid moment as possible so your personality, passion, love, romance and planning comes into full light. So when you remember your wedding day and look back at your wedding photos or album that you can say I remember what I was doing, saying, thinking or feeling at that exact moment and be able to re-live that day over and over every time.

It's your special day but more important it's your special story that we are so honored and privileged to be able to take part in and capture for you for a lifetime."